Thursday, January 12, 2017

Something Person (?) al

So. 2016 was one seriously pathetic year for moi.

After my girlfriend/would-be wife (once upon a time) passed away in Lompoc (while I was living in Santa Maria), I wept and carried on as best I could. Attended a symposium (of sorts) in Ojai on Spiritual Emergence in February (?) and did my best to keep working in the recovery field. However, my employer was unable to give me enough hours or enough pay to maintain my apartment, so I moved back south, only to discover one incredibly weird series of events. People might say (and perhaps rightfully so) that I came unhinged. Still, I would (and still do) adamantly disagree in terms of who (or what) might be on first base in this here particular baseball game of reality.

So. Had an apartment for a while. Got kicked out (for unsubstantiated reasons - but let's not worry about that). Oh, and before I was forced into homelessness, I was "arrested" by the cops right in front of my apartment door. Never read any rights. Never officially arrested. But, still, after I was thrown on the ground, questioned a bit and then "allowed" to get in the cop car, I found myself incarcerated for three ridiculous weeks. First at Wells and Etiwanda (West Valley, SB). Then carted around from jail to jail... i.e. San Bernardino, West Valley and Victorville (or someplace in the desert north of Mt. Baldy).


Fun times. And, if you don't know this by now, I tend not to like the word "fun". Kinda annoys me in various ways.

And now I'm in Long Beach. WTF? Considering Long Beach is associated in my mind with "friendly" betrayal... can anyone say drugged for a night of... huh? (2002) - I think... and also a previous civic residence of the parents of my now-deceased gf/w-bw.



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