Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Some Context (IB4 Intro Redux)

Relationships can be difficult. And complicated.
As you may recall, Infinite Book 3: My Truest Fiction ended with my rapid engagement to a woman with secrets named Isabella. Born a witch and intrinsically selfish, she told lies really well. She also valued the pleasures of truth, which pleasures she clutched tightly to her chest. On account of my honesty, she clutched me in just the same way.
“We’re split-parts,” she said.
Our minds matched. Our hearts matched. Our bodies did, too. We dreamed big and worked small, which is how we managed to extract so much from so little.
Isabella had a tattoo. It meant Mercury and Taurus to her. It meant Aries and Ua En Sen to me. We shared these things, and in so doing offered one another both grounding and direction. Having payed attention to our surroundings our entire lives, we knew many things.
The most important of these was this. If our paths could align, healing would happen. 
But first, on that fateful day in 2009, we needed to meet and fall in love…

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