Friday, May 5, 2017

IB7 Notes

Was watching Sense8 just now, the first episode of Season 2. Sense8 proposes the supposedly fictional notion that individuals may share multi-sensory awareness with one another. It's really somewhat of a limited hive-mind concept, รก la The Borg from Star Trek. This strikes me as a technical reality. Meaning, I am quite sure that there are groups of people who have experience with shared awareness. I say this, because I have been experiencing the awareness of others within my own particular Dave consciousness/body. It's like hearing voices, only these voices/perceptions are in no way external to my sense of self... beyond the fact I know they are not ME. It's like I'm an actor so practiced at playing various roles that those roles have become living aspects of myself.

Now. Why am I telling you this? Because I believe in the existence of spirit-tech. Technological creations that allow spiritual experiences to be somewhat controlled in a logical (scientific) manner. Think of the ecto-containment system from Ghostbusters. In other words, it is possible for tech to (attempt to) corral spirit. I'm also telling you this because this type of thing will be the subject matter of Infinite Book 7: Rock & Roll.

Since IB7 is part of my memoir cycle, it will be (from my perspective, at least) quite personal. So. That's why I mentioned my own Sense8-like experience of something not unlike spirit attachment. I've yet to fully research spirit attachments, but I'm pretty sure that while what I am experiencing is similar, neither is it the same. Like my earlier experience involving hallucinogenic tech.

What do I mean by Halluco-Tech? Well, all I'm really talking about is clairvoyance. My particular experience along these lines occurred last year in two different types of situations. The first situation involved - while my eyes were open - a secondary visual screen along the top of my field of vision. Through this, I was able to make out lo-rez depictions of various data streams. Now, very briefly, when this tech was first being installed, I saw hi-rez. But, that went all wrong... and I was informed by unknown sources that this was due to the fact I had not been properly prepared... and that my eye surgery had greatly interfered.

The second Halluco-Tech situation I encountered was when I would effectively "hallucinate". Not entire experiences, but I would see individuals (mostly humans) shift shape and magnitude in various ways. This was difficult to interpret, sometimes, because my readings were for a mishmash of reasons hard to decipher. Sometimes all that was being done was a sharing of information, perhaps off-topic of the object in sight. Other times it was a revelation of deeper spiritual levels of the object being observed. And other times is was a result of my personal intentions. But that gets into my own spiritual abilities, which are not up for discussion just yet.

So. (I like that word). What needs to be expressed right now is that lots of people all over the world have had all sorts of unusual experiences (many auditory and/or visual) outside of mainstream ignorance. This begs the question, "Who is lying to whom?" Are those who live "normal" lives the rubes in this cosmological experiment? Is it supposedly a matter of maturation? And who the F determines who's ready for what? Or, perhaps, all these insiders are the ones being duped on a much more advanced level. Because, what if this tech is a trap of sorts? What if there is more spiritual spirit-tech? What if Kali cannot be contained?

End of session.

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