Thursday, June 1, 2017


How to read my memoirs? Here's how. Imagine you're curious about what I might have to say about my life experiences. Now, imagine that whenever you pick up one of my books (only one out so far), we're sitting across from one another, wherever you'd like. Maybe I'm in a jail cell, and you're on whichever side of the bars you so choose. Or maybe we're at a coffee shop, or at the beach. Wherever. The thing is, I'm just trying to tell you what's in my heart and on my mind. You can listen as hard as you'd like. Or not at all. Now, I try to keep things interesting, but I'm talking more for my sake than for yours, so if you just want to be wooed with words, then maybe, just maybe, you should read some fiction and let me talk to the person waiting for you to leave. And if that person proves imaginary, too, then I suppose the wall will work just as well. Not that readers aren't important. Not that I don't want readers. It's just that I write first and foremost for the sake of writing. The reading is secondary.

End of rant.

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